About Us

Our Congregation

We are a warm, welcoming and egalitarian community of 400 individuals and families devoted to the continuity of the Jewish people and Jewish traditional observance.

We believe that spiritual growth can be achieved through prayer, Torah study, and observance of Mitzvot. Tikum Olam, or repairing and healing the world, is a driving tenant of our shul. 

We value our community and seek to connect with other community members through sharing joy and sorrow, celebrating life-cycle events, and helping in times of need.

Beit HaMidrash: A House of Study

We are a people of the book. Study of the Torah and it's teachings are central to our spiritual lives as Jews. Our goal is provide rich and engaging opportunities for congregants to explore and consider the application of our ancient texts in the modern world. 

Beit HaKenesset: House of Assembly

As a strong and vibrant community, Our Synagogue provides opportunities for our members to get to know one another and to deepen the bonds of friendship and fellowship.