Welcome Message

Welcome to B’nai Shalom,

Every morning I welcome the students to B’nai Shalom and marvel at their enthusiasm. They walk through the door happily chatting with a friend or sharing a story with one of the staff. They embody life, light, and hope. The joyful, intellectual and spiritual atmosphere at B’nai Shalom nourishes their young hearts and minds and allows them to grow and flourish.

Our school has been rooted in the community for over 43 years. Jewish values and tradition, love of Israel and Hebrew language animate all aspects of the curriculum. Students experience a vibrant Jewish community that learns and celebrates together in rich and creative ways. We mark ritual, holidays and milestones with an ever-changing combination of dance, music, prayer, plays, and conversation. A respect that honors our shared heritage and our families’ diverse practices permeates every special moment. Leaders from the larger Jewish community partner with the school on various projects, sharing their expertise and enlightening our students.

Every day our students discover, uncover and explore the world around them with the guidance of our talented and dedicated teachers. Our teachers are committed to ongoing growth and innovation in student learning. Students develop skills and capacities that serve them now and prepare them for the future. They work collaboratively to develop strategies for solving challenging math problems or navigating through a complex biblical verse. In addition to challenging our students’ minds, our teachers are aware that the work they do nurtures the soul of every child. B’nai Shalom graduates carry with them a rich academic foundation, flexible thinking skills, an ethical compass and a strong Jewish identity.

I am grateful to be part of B’nai Shalom, a school that celebrates learning in such a rich, colorful, and meaningful way. I look forward to meeting you and learning about your hopes and dreams for your child’s educational journey.


Susan Siegel
Head of School